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Album "Pra Piano"

Lúcia Barrenechea releases the digital album "Pra Piano" with works by Nrazilian composers on April 20th, 2024. It is available on the streaming services.

Duo Barrenechea in France

In July, 2023, the Duo Barrenechea presented a concert of latinamerican music in the Festival Musique et Vignes en Confuence in the medieval town Saint Germain au Vienne.

Concerto Música Noturna

The Duo Barrenechea participated as soloists in the Concerto Música Noturna with works by Rodrigo Chicchelli with the Sinfonietta Carioca under Ubiratã Rodrigues at Sala Cecília Meireles in Rio de Janeiro, August, 13th, 2022.

Brasileirissimo Encounters

With the DVD "Brasileirissimo: Encounters", the Duo Barrenechea celebrates its 25 years of career making a journey through Brazilian music, picturing its trajectory and its encounters with composers and their works.

Mignone for Flute

This triple CD consists of a collection of works by Francisco Mignone for flute which for the most part was recorded for the first time.

Audacious repertoire

uo Barrenechea has always been keen to present an engaging repertoire that instils his audience into the best produced for flute and piano.

Articles to Download

Lúcia and Sérgio Barrenechea has several articles available for download and reading. Access the list of this production here.

Celebrating 30 years together

In 2019, Duo Barrenechea celebrates 30 years of life and artistic making with various presentations.

Mignone for Flute and Piano

The antology of music sheet for flute and piano by Francisco Mignone is published and available for purchase.