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A duo dedicated to the music

The Duo Barrenechea is formed by flutist Sérgio Barrenechea and his wife, the pianist Lúcia Barrenechea, and has performed since 1989 with performances in numerous cities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Together since 1989, they celebrated 30 years of performing music with a great deal of programmed concerts as part of this celebration, presenting repertoire that marked the duo in several phases of its artistic journey.

Brazilian Music for Flute & Piano

The Duo has a special predilection for erudite and popular Brazilian music. Its proposal is to explore the vast repertoire for the formation of flute and piano, including first auditions of Brazilian composers such as Dawid Korenchendler, Rodrigo Cicchelli, Vittor Santos, Arthur Verocai, Estércio Marquez Cunha, Alexandre Lunsqui, Rafael dos Santos, Fernando Morais, Liduino Pitombeira, Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira, Marcos Vieira Lucas, Neder Nassaro, José Orlando Alves, among others.

Lúcia and Sérgio, besides musicians with intense artistic activity, are professors and researchers who invest in the formation of young musicians in the artistic and academic areas and in projects related to the interpretive practices and Brazilian music.

Lucia Barrenechea

Lucia Barrenechea holds a piano teaching position at the Instituto Villa-Lobos of the UNIRIO. She has a BM in piano performance from the Universidade Federal de Goiás,a MM from The Boston University, and a DMA in in Piano Performance from the University of Iowa. Her first solo album “Saracoteio - Brazilian Piano” has been released, in 2009. She has been frequently invited to teach in various music festivals in Brazil. In 2013, she released with cellist Hugo Pilger, the CD/DVD “Presença de Villa-Lobos na Música Brasileira para Violoncelo e Piano” and, in 2017, a double CD, as second volume of this project.

Sergio Barrenechea

Sergio Barrenechea received his BM from the Universidade de Brasília, his MM from The Boston Conservatory, and his DMA from the University of Iowa. He has been featured as flutist with the Quinteto Brasilia. He participated as artist and teacher in events such as the Conventions of the National Flute Association nos EUA, the Toronto Latin Flute Festival, the Festival Internacional de Flautistas in Peru, the Festival de Campos do Jordão, the International Summer Courses of Brasilia, the Festival Villa-Lobos and the Festival Conexões Musicais-UFF/UNIRIO. Currently, he is a flute professor at Instituto Villa-Lobos/UNIRIO.

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Osvaldo Lacerda - Poemeto

TV Planetaria Program2004

Ernst Mahle - Sonatina Nordestina

Live Concert2003

Pixinguinha - Lamentos arr. Marco Pereira

Live Concert2002

Icli Zitella - Vals Triste

"Americas in Concert" Program Radio MEC - 2019

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The Barrenechea Duo is available for recordings, presentations, classes, lectures and master-classes. To contact us, send us a message. For more information, photos, audio and video files, continue browsing the site or visit our pages on social networks.
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