Brincadeira a cinco

Quinteto Brasília's CD

Quinteto Brasilia released in 2009 its first CD, titled “Brincadeira a Cinco”, with repertoire of original Brazilian works and arrangements for this instrumental formation. The CD was released by the label Ethos Brasil, and is still available for purchase!
The Quinteto Brasília is a reference chamber group in Brazil formed by professionals of the highest artistic level, acting since 2000, with a proposal to present audacious and engaging repertoire to the public, including new works and composers.
At the time of this recording, the quintet counted on the mastery of Felix Alonso in the clarinet and Stanislav Schulz in the French horn. These two excellent musicians do not live in Brazil anymore. Currently the group is formed by Sérgio Barrenechea, flute, José Medeiros, oboe, Marcos Cohen, clarinet, Gustavo Koberstein, bassoon, Daniel W. Araújo, French horn. The quintet also had the participation of bassoonists Heleno Feitosa and Flávio Lopes de Figueiredo Junior, and clarinetist Johnson Machado.
Quinteto Brasilia at the Tra Amici Festival promoted by Embratur and Brazilian Embassy in Italy, rehearsal for concert at Sala Palestrina at Pamphilj Palace, Rome, 2018.
In 2004, Quinteto Brasilia was awarded at SESC's Instrumental Music Meeting in Brasilia, with the work "Quinteto no. 2" by Rodrigo Lima. In 2005, the quintet performed in Uberlândia, Goiânia, Maringá, Londrina and Brasilia. Later on, the group participated in the following events: 25th Londrina Music Festival, 1st International Winter Festival in Brasilia and Palmas-PR Festival "Winter in Feast" (2006). In 2011, the Brasilia Quintet performed at Casa Thomas Jefferson in Brasilia and at the Teatro Leão Formoso in Patos de Minas.
In 2013 and 2014, Quinteto Brasília was invited to perform more than 130 concerts throughout Brazil, participating of SESC's Sonora Brasil Project which has the theme "Edino Krieger and the Biennials of Brazilian Contemporary Music". In 2015, the group participated in the 3rd Fortaleza Instrumental Festival with concert performance at SESC Iracema in Fortaleza. The Brasilia Quintet performed in a special concert for the ECAI in Brasília and presented concerts and masterclasses at the Festival of Music and Flavors of Cerrado 2016, sponsored by SESC Anápolis.
Quinteto Brasilia Orchestral Brazil project, Caixa Cultural Salvador, 2017.
In 2017, Quinteto Brasilia participated in the series of 3 concerts of Brazil Orquestral at Caixa Cultural Salvador, a project that mixes shows of renowned groups of different styles with choreographic interventions of Barbara Barbará, curated by Gil Vicente Tavares with didactic comments of maestro Carlos Prazeres. Quinteto Brasilia was invited to perform at the FEB's 73rd Anniversary Celebration in Italy at concerts in Rome, Pistoia, Montese and Porreta Terme, an event promoted by Embratur, the Brazilian Ministry of Defense and the Brazilian Embassy in 2018.
"Brincadeira a cinco" Repertory
Amaral Vieira (b. 1952)
Divertimento Piccolo
Arthur Bosmans (1908-1991)
Brincadeira a cinco
Marcos Cohen
Quinteto miniatura nº 1*
Rodrigo Lima (b. 1976)
Quinteto nº 2*
Liduino Pitombeira (b. 1962)
Ajubete Jepê Amô Mbaê
Suíte Hermética

I. Conversando com Itiberê / II. Incelença / III. São João em Arapiraca / IV. Arrasta-pé  

Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934)
Odeon arr. Antonio Bruno
Waldir Azevedo (1923-1980)
Pedacinhos do Céu arr. Maestro "Duda"(n.1935)
Pixinguinha (1897-1973) e Benedito Lacerda (1903-1958)
Naquele Tempo arr. Airton Barbosa (1942-1980)
Descendo a Serra arr. José De Geus
Zequinha de Abreu (1880-1935)
Tico-tico no Fubá arr. Isac Emerick
Benny Wolkoff (1921-1995)
* works dedicated to Quinteto Brasilia
Quinteto Brasilia
Sérgio Barrenechea, flute / José Medeiros, oboe / Felix Alonso, clarinet /

Gustavo Koberstein, bassoon / Stanislav Schulz, French horn

"Brincadeira a cinco CD"is out of print!.